Electrostatic Sanitizing 101

Electrostatic Sanitizing 101

Learn about our virus-killing services in the Toms River, NJ area

If you don't know much about electrostatic sprayer disinfectants, you're about to get a quick crash course in the subject. This sanitizing solution doesn't clean dirt or dust from any of your surfaces, but it does kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Trust the pros at Sanitize America to help you get rid of contaminants that can cause illnesses to spread throughout your workplace.

Want to do your part to protect your staff and customers from COVID-19? Schedule electrostatic sanitizing services in Toms River, NJ or the surrounding areas today.

Why choose electrostatic spraying?

Electrostatic sprayer disinfectants have been referred to as the magic bullet that the healthcare community has been waiting for. This sanitizing solution has proven to be:

Fast - the high-tech sprayer used for this method allows our team to sanitize large spaces quickly
Effective - our technology sprays a disinfectant that sticks to surfaces, destroying bacteria and viruses
Thorough - the electronic sprayer puts an even coat of disinfectant on every surface in your workplace

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